You can't beat our UPF 50+ rating | Wallaroo


You can't beat our UPF 50+ rating

Look for our sun icon throughout the site to determine which hats are UPF 50+. These fabrics are tested by the Australian Radiation Protection Agency and block 97.5% of the sun's ultroviolet rays. Ultraviolet radiation, or UV, is present in sunlight. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) shows how well a fabric protects your skin from solar UV. But remember, a Wallaroo hat only protects the skin it covers. Safeguard the rest of your body by wearing sunglasses and sunscreen.


In case you were wondering...

UPF is the rating factor used when referring to fabrics, like clothing and hats, whereas SPF is used when referring to sunscreens and other sun-protective lotions.

People often ask us, "Do your hats have SPF in them?" The hats don't have any type of sunscreen injected into them or sunscreen lining rubbed onto them - it is the construction and the material that makes a hat sun-protective. The tighter the weave, the less sun can shine through. All of our hats offer some sun protection, and many of them offer UPF 50+. If you have any further questions, call our customer service line at 303-494-5949.