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The Christine Collection

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Christine by Wallaroo

Wallaroo’s collection of beautiful and functional Danish-designed head scarves and turbans are made for women who have lost their hair due to a medical condition. A great alternative to wigs, these scarves and turbans are comfortable, beautiful and versatile. They protect your scalp from the sun and add shape for a more natural appearance, providing confidence and style.

We know how essential it is for your skin to breathe. We only use the very best materials to ensure you feel your very best. The Christine® products are tailored and designed to provide volume to a bald head and to guarantee a secure fit. Our products are protective, breathable and non-irritating to the sensitive scalp. This is why you find only the softest fabrics in our collection and why all our designs are lined.

All Christine products are CE labelled, meaning that they are classified as medical devices according to EU Directive (93/42/EEC) concerning medical devices. The CE label is a European regulation and the provisions place heavy demands on design and production to ensure that the products are healthy and safe for the end user.